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Thematic Seminar at HCMC University of Technology

ข่าวสาร & ข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์ - 20/06/2022

On June 11, 2022, at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), PEB Steel Building Co., Ltd. (Pebsteel) participated in a seminar on the topic “Large Span – Steel v/s Prestressed Concrete – Strengths and Its Applications”, and awarded academic scholarships to representatives of HCMUT.

“Large Span – Steel v/s Prestressed Concrete – Strengths and Its Applications” Seminar

The seminar was organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering – HCMUT and VSE Vietnam, with the companionship of Pebsteel and VSL Vietnam.

On the HCMUT’s side, Dr. Le Hoai Long (Deputy Faculty of Civil Engineering) and Dr. Le Ba Khanh (Lecturer of the Department of Bridge and Road Construction) presented to join the seminar with interesting and useful knowledge for students.

Dr. Le Hoai Long (Deputy Faculty of Civil Engineering) gave the opening speech

The content of the seminar revolved around the topic of large-span structures. As a pioneer in the pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures industry, Pebsteel made a breakthrough with the largest clear span of 128 meters for the Lufthansa hangar (Philippines) and the Jooco Dona factory (Vietnam) with a clear span up to 96m.

On behalf of Pebsteel, Mr. Tran Minh Tri – Design Supervisor discussed the advantages and outstanding characteristics of steel materials, along with other experts in the seminar. He gave specific perspectives, referring to Pebsteel’s practical applications and initiatives. From this sharing, students can analyze and select appropriate design plans for their future projects.

Mr. Tran Minh Tri (Design Supervisor) at the seminar
Student at HCMUT raised the question involved in the large-span structures

Not only sharing specialized knowledge for students, representatives from Pebsteel, VSE Academy, and VSL Vietnam also provide them with orientation and requirements in terms of recruitment so that they can aware of their career endeavors, and what employers are looking for prospective employees.  Since then, students can practice right from the time they are still in school and enter the work environment confidently and energetically.

In addition, Pebsteel and representatives of enterprises awarded 20 academic scholarships to the HCMUT’s representative, equivalent to 156 million VND to support students of the Civil Engineering Faculty, HCMUT through essential specialized knowledge, skills, and experience from manager levels; giving students a deeper perspective before becoming a civil engineer in the future.

Mr. Truong Vi Cuong –  General Manager – South, Pebsteel Vietnam awarded scholarships to the HCMUT’s representative

This periodic activity is part of a series of activities accompanying students from the civil engineering department at universities across the country of Pebsteel, towards the goal of developing an ecosystem between the University – Students – Enterprises. We want the most favorable conditions for students to study, create and contribute to the community as well as prepare themselves with the necessary baggage as well as orientations for future careers.
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