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Five Main Applications Of Metal Buildings

Expert opinion - 10/12/2020

Metal buildings can be used to create almost any shape or form and are applied in various industries. However, that is not the only reason for their popularity. Metal buildings are extremely durable, low-maintenance, affordable, and quick to construct compared to conventional buildings.
Here are the five main applications of metal buildings nowadays.

1. Commercial buildings

When it comes to commercial buildings, steel is considered the most reliable solution thanks to its efficiency, durability, versatility, and sturdiness. Pre-engineered steel buildings help to save time and money on materials, labor, maintenance and are guaranteed to last up to 30 years when properly maintained. Besides, pre-engineered buildings offer practical designs and full control over plans and styling at an affordable price. A prefabricated steel building is an excellent investment for any commercial business owner of:

Convention center

– Training center

– Showroom

– Supermarket

– Department store

– Hotel, resort, and restaurant

– Office buildings

– Sports halls such as clubhouse, fitness center, etc.

– Parking lot

– Public buildings such as schools, hospitals, churches, temples, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

A curved corridor made of pre-engineered steel

A curved corridor made of pre-engineered steel

A 4-storey pre-engineered steel parking lot by PEB Steel

A 4-storey pre-engineered steel parking lot by PEB Steel

2. Residential buildings

There are more and more people who prefer to use steel over conventional building materials to reduce construction costs, construction times, and simply own a more contemporary design. Pre-engineered steel buildings offer a cost-effective alternative to more expensive buildings without sacrificing style, comfort, and safety. Residential steel buildings are a blend of elegance and sustainability in any neighborhood. Nowadays, pre-engineered buildings are used in the construction of apartments, houses, townhouses, staff houses, etc.

3. Production halls

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut down their expenses, which is why prefabricated steel buildings are the best option for the construction of industrial facilities. A large-scale industrial complex can be built relatively quickly, allowing business continuity, while also saving on labor and material costs. Another advantage of pre-engineered steel buildings is that they require low maintenance, which saves the company a huge amount of money in terms of maintenance costs over the life of the building.

Whether you need to build a brewery, boiler house, power plant or factory, pre-engineered steel buildings can still be adapted to your operational requirements.


A factory by PEB Steel

4. Logistics buildings

Warehouses and storage facilities today require the movement of heavy and large loads, and a variety of material handling systems throughout the day. Considering the high demand in the logistics industry and the need to expand rapidly as the business grows, metal buildings are the best choice for logistics buildings because they offer flexible design, offsite fabrication, and fast installation. In addition, they are modular and more easily expandable than traditional buildings, economical, and cater to various storage and maintenance needs.

Metal buildings have various applications in different industries

The logistics center is one of the main applications of metal buildings

5. Other buildings

When it comes to complex buildings such as aircraft hangars, shipyards, or infrastructures such as stadiums, bridges, airports, etc., there is no more economical and sustainable solution than pre-engineered steel buildings. They can be used to build these structures quickly and without significant construction costs, allowing flexibility and customization. It is also important to consider factors such as fire suppression, energy efficiency, and ventilation in preliminary designs, and pre-engineered buildings can meet all of these needs. This ultra-strong building can withstand high winds and heavy rainfall.

An aircraft hangar by PEB Steel

An aircraft hangar by PEB Steel


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