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Prefabricated Factory Structure

Expert opinion - 16/05/2024

Prefabricated factory is a modern, economical and sustainable construction solution for businesses. So what parts does the prefabricated factory structure include? To help businesses visualize better, let’s learn about prefabricated factory structure with Pebsteel in the following article.

Prefabricated Factory Structure

Prefabricated factories have many advantages such as:

A prefabricated factory is a type of factory with a pre-engineered steel structure. These steel structures are transported to the site and fully erected after being manufactured and machined in the factory to exact dimensions and quantities.

  • Save cost, construction time and area of use
  • Easy to dismantle, move or expand as needed.
  • Ensure safety, aesthetics and sustainability for the project.
  • Environmentally friendly, no pollution or waste of raw materials.

What is the structure of the prefabricated factory?

Prefabricated steel frame structure workshop includes 4 main parts:

Foundation system

The foundation system has the effect of transferring the weight of the building to the ground below. For prefabricated factory steel buildings, the foundation system used is reinforced concrete foundation system, similar to conventional houses. At the same time, the foundation system is also designed according to the type of soil, load and size of the building.

Main frame system

The main frame system is the most important part of the prefabricated factory structure, including columns, trusses, beams and foundation bolts. These members are made of section steel with different cross-sections, usually I, H or C. In which, welding or bolts can be used to connect the members together, forming a solid frame.

The most important part in the prefabricated factory structure is the main frame system

Sub – structure

The secondary structure is the supporting parts for the main frame system, including wall beams, purlins, struts, bracing system, skylight and canopy. These members are also made of section steel, usually C or Z shape. The secondary structure helps to support the main frame system, enhancing the bearing capacity and resisting deformation for the building.

The canopy is a secondary structure and an auxiliary part of the main structure

Covering system

Covering system is the surface finishing part of the building, including roof sheet and factory cover. Roofing sheet and factory cover are made of galvanized or color coated steel, with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.6 mm.

Roofing corrugated iron and corrugated iron covering the factory have the effect of shielding the building from weather factors such as sun, rain, wind, dust, etc. The corrugated iron roof will be constructed with an additional layer of glass wool or insulation to ensure thermal insulation and noise resistance.

Covering system includes corrugated iron and corrugated iron

Why should you choose Pebsteel to build a pre-engineered steel factory?

Pebsteel is one of the leading units in the field of design and construction of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam. With 30 years of experience and more than 6000 completed projects worldwide, Pebsteel is proud to be a reliable partner of many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Yous can completely trust to choose Pebsteel in the construction of pre-engineered steel buildings with outstanding features in products and services such as:

  • High-class materials: Pebsteel uses materials and equipment imported from countries with advanced technology such as Japan, Korea, Germany, etc. to manufacture and process pre-engineered steel structures. In addition, Pebsteel also applies international standards such as ASTM, AISC, AWS, etc. to ensure the quality and durability of the components.
  • Warranty, long-term maintenance: Pebsteel commits to a 10-year warranty for the structure of the works in order to optimize the efficiency of use as well as contribute to the longevity of the building.
  • Dedicated advice and support: With a team of professional, experienced and enthusiastic consultants and engineers, Pebsteel is always ready to advise Yous on the most effective solutions for design, construction and management of pre-engineered steel buildings. Yous will also be supported in the process of applying for permission, completing the construction and taking over the work.
Pebsteel is a leading unit in the construction of pre-engineered steel buildings


We hope that this post has given readers more knowledge regarding prefabricated factory structures. If you’re seeking for a top company in the pre-engineered steel building construction industry for your company, please get in touch with Pebsteel press here


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