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Specialized Prefabricated Factory Designs

Expert opinion - 16/05/2024

In the modern industrial era, the prefab factory has become an outstanding solution for businesses. With a combination of advanced technology and professional design, these buildings not only offer optimal production performance, but also ensure sustainability and flexibility. Join Pebsteel to find out specialized and quality prefabricated factory design in the following article!

Prefabricated factory and structure

Prefabricated factory is a type of factory with a completely steel pillar frame, designed and installed according to the drawings available at the site. Prefabricated factory parts are manufactured in-house on request, transported to the site, and assembled directly there.

The prefabricated factory is composed of 3 main components:

  • Steel truss column: is the bearing frame of the factory, usually I, H, C shaped steel or round pipe.
  • Formed steel sheet: is steel plate that is cut and bent to the desired shape, used to make the roof, wall or floor of the factory.
  • Roofing corrugated iron: is a roofing material for factories, usually insulated corrugated iron or transparent insulating glass.
The structure of the prefabricated factory consists of 3 main components

Advantages of prefabricated factory compared to concrete factory

Compared with conventional reinforced concrete factories, prefabricated factories have many outstanding advantages, such as:

  • Shorten construction time: Prefabricated factories have pre-fabricated parts, just assembled according to drawings without processing at the construction site. Therefore, the construction time of prefabricated factories is only 1/4 or 1/5 compared to concrete factories
  • Cost savings: Due to the use of less materials and labor, the construction cost of prefabricated factories is about 20-30% lower than that of concrete factories
  • High mobility: The prefabricated factory has the ability to easily disassemble, move or expand when necessary. The weight of the prefabricated factory is only 1/2 of that of the concrete factory, helping to make the most of the construction land.
  • Good bearing capacity: With a sturdy steel frame structure, the pre-engineered factory can withstand the effects of wind, rain, earthquake or fire. Prefabricated buildings also have a long service life, up to 50 years or more.

Quality & specialized prefabricated factory designs in 2023

Businesses can refer to some of the following specialized prefabricated factory design in their projects.

  • Transparent roof prefabricated factory:

This is a type of factory with a roof made of transparent insulated glass, which helps to take advantage of natural light, save energy and create a cool space for the factory. This type of workshop is suitable for industries with high light requirements, such as garment, textile, printing, wood, agriculture, etc.

  • Multi-window prefabricated workshop:

This type of workshop has walls made of shaped steel sheets with large windows, helping to ventilate and get light for the factory. Prefabricated workshops with many doors are suitable for manufacturing industries with requirements on climate and fresh air, such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics…

Prefabricated factory model with many windows
  • Prefabricated steel frame factory with corrugated iron roof

This type of workshop has a cylindrical steel frame and an insulated corrugated iron roof, which helps to reduce temperature and reduce noise for the factory. This type of workshop is suitable for manufacturing industries with requirements on safety and environmental protection, such as mechanics, metal, cement, ceramic tiles, etc.

Prefabricated steel frame house using PebLiner™ corrugated iron roof of Pebsteel

Pebsteel – The leading pre-engineered steel factory construction unit in Thailand

With 30 years of pioneering the development of pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam, Pebsteel has 7 factories, designed and constructed more than 6,000 projects in 50 countries, Pebsteel is proud and believes to be a reliable partner of many large domestic and foreign enterprises.

We provide pre-engineered steel building solutions for many types of buildings, such as:

  • Factory
  • Storehouse
  • Processing plant
  • Electric Factory
  • Waterworks
  • Animal feed factory
  • Beer factory
  • Oil and gas plant
  • Railway factory
  • Car factory
  • Aviation factory
  • Shipyards
  • Steel factory
  • High-tech factory
  • Shopping mall
  • Exhibition Center
  • Culture center
  • Sports Centre
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Office

Besides, with a team of experienced architects, engineers, installers and compliance with 7 international quality standards, Pebsteel is committed to providing with quality, safe and cost-effective pre-engineered steel buildings.

With a team of experienced engineers, Pebsteel believes to be a reliable partner of many large domestic and foreign enterprises.


This article is a collection of specialized prefabricated factory design in 2023. Pre-engineered factories are an effective solution for businesses that need to build factories quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly. If you have questions to answer, please contact Pebsteel. Press Here


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